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// june, 10th *2005 //

Believe it or not: I brought myself to update this site!!!

I changed the layout (a little ;)) and I cleaned the database.
AND I will put in some new 404 pages ... in the next days (or weeks :))

I have to admit that I didn't have a good mind and enough time to update this site regularly.
I think it's because of my GREAT laziness... Please don't take amiss.
I will change myself - possibly.
// december, 03th *2002 //

I'm very proud of myself, because I finally made it!
it = a new layout, a tutorial section, and this new mysql-db-thingy.
Please find out what this thingy could be (little hint: it forces you to more participation).
And please don't forget to tell me if you find any mistakes...

Well, and I decided to keep the whole page in english, and not in english AND german. (It was really time-consuming to change everything in two languages...).

I assume you saw it already, but if it's not so: You can select "serif" or "sans serif" as your preferential font for the 404lounge. I prefer the serif way (standard: georgia). So, for better surfing experience, I recommend to download this font and read the instructions included in the readme-file.

// february, 17th *2002 //

*666* screenshots in the database. is that a sign ?_?

update: gallery {all: 666}:

section {updated} {now}
funky {6} {228}
freaky {6} {150}
funny {6} {120}
misc {18} {168}

// february, 8th *2002 //

I think that's the reason why my counter explodes... ^-^

update: gallery {all: 635}:

section {updated} {now}
funky {30} {222}
freaky {6} {144}
misc {12} {150}

// january, 27th *2002 //

update: gallery {all: 592}:

section {updated} {now}
funky {12} {192}
freaky {6} {138}

isn't that cool? -

{1} {2} {3}

// january, 13th *2002 //

that makes me really, really happy...
click here, to read the article.

// january, 12th *2002 //

new feature: search
new affiliate: fonts.paranoir.net

// january, 10th *2002 //

update: gallery {all: 564}:

section {updated} {now}
funky {42} {180}
freaky {18} {132}
funny {12} {114}
misc {25} {138}

// december, 28th *2001 //

Yeah, I needed something new.
I decided to keep the page in english (it's not my mother tongue, so please tell me if you find any mistakes).
--> the 404-instructions will be available in german.
Special thanks goes to my dear. Without him I would not have finished yet.

By the way: Today it's my birthday... use the form for congratulations *_*